An uncomparable adventure

Go across Quebec through the less explored roads. Discover the forestry and maritime heritage of La Belle Province. Meet with the people that built that nation. Relish the protected landscape of our national parks. Test your abilities on a diverse itinerary. Have fun.

From Rouyn-Noranda to Percé

3,050 kilometers

11 touristic regions

10 national parks

9 wildlife reserves

16 controlled harvesting zones (zecs)

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A flexible adventure

The Québec Bikepacking Traverse (QcBT) is divided in 8 Segments, to be easily done by sections and to adapt to travellers' time constraints.





The QcBT aims to be the spine of a bikepacking network in Québec

Many Connectors link the main route with urban centers. Moreover, some Shortcuts reach an other segment of the route. In the future, some Extensions and Loops will make the adventure last longer.



It's a project where dedicated bikepackers participated to create the best itinerary possible and to make Quebec a prime destination.

Interested? Participate to discussions and keep improving this project.






  • Help Quebec become a bikepacking destination
  • Link many Quebec regions on a continuous rideable itinerary, prioritizing unpaved roads
  • Unveil the appeal of Quebec's national parks
  • Showcase Quebec's wildlife reserves as well as the controlled harvesting zones (zecs)
  • Promote campground's label “Bienvenue Cyclistes!”
  • Highlight the beauty of our forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and hidden landscapes
  • Put on the map some villages otherwise outside the traditional touristic path
  • Highlight our regional history and culture
  • Make the passionate biking community participate in the elaboration of the project
  • Publish the Québec Bikepacking Traverse and its network

Bikepacking doesn't replace bicycle touring. Bikepacking venture more on remote roads, less on paved roads. Like a backpacker with its backpack, the bikepackers travel with a minimal equipment discovering nature, people... and themselves.


It's not about linking A to Z, but live all the letters on the way

A project in development

Québec Bikepacking Traverse